My Great Grandmother was Margaret Edgar and as an addition to searching for the Kings I have, with help, tried to trace her family. Oh what an elusive family! even more so that my immediate family.

After a bit of research I now find the Edgar name is common in Co Down which does not help matters much. At the moment I know the family at some stage lived in Bessbrook, Co Armagh but is close to the border with Co Down. recent family info have indicated that Margaret and her sister Minnie were born in the area. After a visit yesterday (24/11/2017) to PRONI in Belfast and armed with certain scribbled details I found nothing for the two ladies in question. However, their father, Hamilton Edgar, does seem to have remarried in 1886, in Newry, Co Down to Ann Jane Malloy (both widowed). So The searching goes on as we know he married again Joan Donaldson (again both widowed) and moved to Dundee, Scotland where he died.

After a visit to PRONI (Public Records Office Northern Ireland) on 30/11/2017 searching through church records it became obvious that there are indeed a lot of Edgars in and around Co Down. As stated on a previous post Great Grandfather and Great Grandmother were married in Bessbrook Prebyterian Church. Now, using the traditional way of thinking The marriage would have taken place in the bride’s church and it is understandable to believe that this was the family church Whilst they worked at the local mill At the time Bessbrook. Research is now showing that the family possibly lived in Rathfriland (Co Down),not far from Bessbrook. What is interesting is the appearance of family names like Rowan (first wife’s maiden name) and Malloy.  That’s an avenue to research someday after I’ve sorted this lot out!!

Here we are in 2019 and the research has started again.

Minnie Edgar is Margaret’s sister and she was born circa 1873 and contacts advise me she was born in Ireland and most likely Bessbrook. She it seems married Alexander Campbell Donaldson (the son of Joan, named above).

They married in Dundee on 31/12/1894 and in 1916 emigrated to Regina, Sask, Canada.  Their children were:- Robina ( 1900-1952), Georgina (1904-1980), Sarah or Cissie (1906-1968), Alexander or Alex or Sandy or Echie (1901-1981), David (1908-1979), Hanna Mary (died as a new born), Nellie (no dates), Joan (1895-1900), Minnie (1897-1897 2 days) and Minnie (1899-1900). 5 of these were born in Scotland.


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