One thing that really comes to light when doing family research  is just how many other family names are indeed linked to ones own name. Families which up until now would have meant nothing to the researcher with the exception of those within recent generations – mother/father, grandparents and possibly great grandparents.

I’ve listed below all the,known, family names connected to the King family over the years starting in the 1700s in England.

1700s.    Alkin, Fisher, Hudson,Dixon.

1800s.    Hodgson, Bill,Waller,Kent,Williams,Edgar, Donaldson.

1900s.    Muir,McQuillan,Trowbridge, Craig, Lutton, Macafee, McBride.

USA.        Parsons,Lewis,Peterson,Aiken,Snicker,Satterly,Smith,Snappe,Lloyd,Edwards,Sizer,Malloy,Rant.

Canada.  Earl,Maccrimmon,Holman.

……..and so the list grows as those children born in the 1900s marry and a new family is added.


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