The problem with family research is, unless  you’re a professional and can spend time and money, it can be very frustrating and lead to you wondering why on earth you started doing the whole thing in the first place. it is therefore likely you’ll close the files for a while with the intentions of restarting sometime in the near future. Then, out of the blue, a message arrives informing you that such and such a person is looking for an ancestor connected to your family and bang the whole thing starts up again. Exchanging e-mails get you excited with new info and the searching starts again. You will post on forums, search for documents, and will get a whole host of info to add to your files but, along with the satisfaction comes the frustration as the research throws up more questions than answers. However, whilst you may be hitting brick walls you will be learning a lot of social history as your on-line research takes you down paths you would never have thought of before.



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